If your shop has unique tips or process improvements you are using to support your hospital, please share with us by sending an email to Treasurer@bmet.org.  A big thanks to 24X7 Magazine who has done a great job in these last months keeping us informed about current COVID-19 and other HTM issues.

"The Fight Heats Up" The Critical Medical Infrastructure Right-to-Repair Act of 2020 stands to give HTM professionals more access to manufacturer data needed to repair medical devices. Some say that’s good; some say that’s bad.  (posted 10/19.  24X7 Article) Read More

"Bed Maintenance, Should HTM Do it?"  (by By Patrick Lynch, in 24X7 Magazine.  Posted 10/19/2020)   Read More

Two-thirds of surveyed medical equipment repair people say they have fixed machinery the manufacturer could not  (Article & survey results in U.S. PIRG, posted 10/12/2020)  Read More

Ransomware hack cripples Universal Health Services hospitals, facilities across the US (USA Today article, posted 10/3/2020) Read More

Engineer Makes Open-Source, 3D-Printed Tools for COVID-19 (24x7 article and video, posted 9/28/2020) Read More 

Canadian University 3D-Prints Portable Ventilators (24x7 article and short video, posted 9/28/2020)Read More 

5G and The Future of Healthcare  (RCR Wireless News, posted 9/14/2020) Read More

Medical Device Recalls Increase by 31% in Q2 (Beckers Hospital Review, posted 9/10/2020)  Read More

Musings on the new "Right to Repair Law" (editorial by Wayne Moore.  Perhaps this new legislation is not so great?)  Read More

S.O.S: Biomeds Needed for Mercy Ships (24X7 article, posted 9/9/2020)  Read More

Inside the Groundbreaking 'Right to Repair' Bill (24X7 Article, posted 9/1/2020) Read More

"Traits of the Successful Biomed Student" written by By Joie Nicole Marhefka, PhD, (24X7 article, posted 8/27/2020)  Read More

Surprising Thoughts About the ‘Right to Repair’ Act  (24X7 article.  Posted 8/24/2020)  Read More

Sad Loss to HTM Community:  Passing of Randall Snelling.  Many of our members will know Randall for his work with the DNV. Mr Snelling spoke several times at WSBA educational events. Randall passed away on June 28 as a result of a brain tumor.      Link to Obituary

"AAMI Introduces New HTM Certification for Next-Gen Workforce"  (24X7 News article, posted 8/21/2020) Read More

"Let techs fix medical devices: Why the Right to Repair is a health-care imperative" (Daily News Article. Posted 8/18/2020) Read More

Congress Will Consider National Right-to-Repair Legislation for Medical Equipment (article posted 8/10/2020)  Read More

Round-table: Innovations in Biomedical Test Equipment (round table discussion between Pronk, Fluke, BC Group, and Rigel on latest trends in Biomed test equipment). Posted 7/20/2020. Read More

"Pandemic-Approved Professional Education" Because AAMI had to cancel it's Exchange event this year, they have launched an AAMI Summer Learning Series, which consists of seven tracks encompassing 36 live webinars.  (posted 7/21/2020)  Read More

A Medical Device Maker Threatens iFixit Over Ventilator Repair Project,

iFixit has built a comprehensive online database of repair manuals for ventilators and medical equipment to help fight the coronavirus pandemic. Last week it received a letter claiming copyright infringement.(article from Motherboard, Posted 7/20/2020)   Read More

"S.O.S: Biomeds Needed for Mercy Ships"  Interesting plea for Biomeds to volunteer to work on a Mercy Ship.  This article talks about the nature of these ships and why it is important to help out.  The 11,600-ton Africa Mercy is home to more than 400 volunteers from more than 50 nations at a time. This marvel of a floating hospital community is able to provide lifesaving surgical care free of charge in ports of West and Central Africa. Those who volunteer to serve on board raise their own funds to participate. (posted 7/14)  Read More

"Why Repair Techs Are Hacking Ventilators with DIY Dongles from Poland", (Article in 24X7 Magazine.  Posted 7/14)  Read More

"What hospitals should know before their next Joint Commission survey"  (Article in Beckers Healthcare. Posted 7/1/2020) Article about how JCAH inspections might be different due to pandemic.   Read More

HMMC Launches COVID-19 Medical Product Parts Exchange Site (24X7 Magazine news article.  Parts resource for HTM Depts.) Posted 6/22)  Read More

Medical Device Repair Again Threatened with Copyright Claims (24X7 Magazine article.  Posted 6/15/2020)Read More

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